Liberation from the darkness of slavery is more than escape. This story sheds a light on historical slavery and modern-day slavery to teach us how true freedom is gained.

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The heroic George Washington we know and revere today, and the patriotic farmer who longed for sedentary life prior to the revolutionary war, are two very different people. Unsettled by the prospect of war and viewing his previous military life as both frustrating and unsuccessful, George was indifferent to the quest for revolution. What then led this peaceful planter to change his course, and in turn the course of US History, forever?
Brilliantly crafted, this book attempts to answer that very question. What caused Washington, who had become satisfied with his life as a family man and farmer, to alter his political ambitions and risk everything he loved to join the fight? Was money a prime motivation? Was he lured by the proposition of leadership and possible fame? Or was there something much larger happening behind the scenes, leading this man to fulfill a destiny. Could he have been given a divine calling from God?
If you’re a patriot seeking answers to this question, The Washington Hypothesis is a MUST READ! From the onset, it quickly becomes apparent that this book is like no other history book you’ve ever encountered. Using first-hand accounts from historical sources, author Tim Ballard sheds new light on this complex historical figure and invites readers to acknowledge a daring new perspective on the man many agree is the key figure in America’s Independence.
Get your copy of The Washington Hypothesis now and see how God used a common man to give roots to a nation destined for greatness.

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