It has been said that Abraham Lincoln experienced a physical and spiritual transformation during his years as President. The weight of his Presidency was evident to all who knew him. But was there more to his transformation than what was seen by the public eye? In this book, author Tim Ballard exposes a side to the 16th President no history book will tell you.

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With all the volumes written on Abraham Lincoln, it would seem there is nothing left to write. But in his second book The Lincoln Hypothesis, best-selling author and former CIA investigator, Tim Ballard, builds a powerful case for the probability that this beloved 19th century President received revelation from God that the Civil war was supposed to be fought. Learn the fascinating backstory to a handful of untold miracles that led the north to victory.  See who and what aided Lincoln on the controversial topic of slavery, the emancipation proclamation, and ultimately what he had to do to preserve the American Covenant.

As Ballard masterfully weaves his narrative, readers are introduced to a side of Lincoln rarely talked about in history books–a side which reveals a man inspired by God, who was destined to play an intricate role in the covenant relationship between America and its maker. Page by page, Ballard uncovers documented evidence that Abraham Lincoln sought wisdom from religious sources, including the Book of Mormon, which was in his possession for eight months during some of the most critical time periods of his presidency. Did he read it? Was the Book of Mormon influential in Lincoln’s success, and in the healing of a nation?

Get your copy today and make your own conclusions about the divinity of the 16th president. You will see firsthand his relationship with the almighty and view his martyrdom in a similar light to the prophet Joseph Smith. You will walk away with a renewed admiration for this iconic statesman who was guided by heaven through some of the darkest days our country’s history.

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