In 1620, on the shores of Plymouth, Massachusetts, a small band of Separatists arrived from England, tired, hungry and driven by a secret mandate they believed was inspired by heaven. Join best-selling author Tim Ballard as he peels back the lid on history and explores the possible connection between the pilgrim’s voyage to the new world, and the ancient prophecies that may have compelled them to set sail.

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For many, the plight of the Pilgrims is seen as a simple story about English settlers escaping religious tyranny. But, if all they sought was freedom, why not stay in Leiden, Holland where they had lived peacefully for several years?  Could their impassioned quest to reach Plymouth have been fueled by a purpose untold in history books? Did they believe they were being led by God to lay the foundation for future events that would change the course of history?
In his most recent book, The Pilgrim Hypothesis, best-selling author and historian Tim Ballard presents a bold new narrative surrounding these religious refugees, who chartered a course for freedom in a land that may have been destined to receive them. Leaning on his years of investigative work, Ballard uncovers a series of historical evidences linking these spiritual crusaders, who believed themselves to be the “New Israel,” to the fulfillment of prophecies foretold in ancient scripture.
Backed by historical documents and personal journals, Ballard unravels an unknown history that has been hiding in the shadows for over 400 years. You’ll finally learn why the pilgrims refused to leave their ship until after they had signed the Mayflower Compact—an edict they saw as a direct covenant with God. You’ll be forced to ask the question, “why, after half their party died during the first winter, did the surviving members refuse to board the Mayflower and return to England with the captain after their crusade was deemed a failed experiment?”  Was it because they had a role to play in the restoration of the gospel?  Did they stay, despite the odds, because of the direct revelations they felt they were receiving?
Own your copy today and discover for yourself what role the pilgrims played in bringing religious freedom to our shores. The past isn’t always what it seems—and this book proves it.

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