At one of the darkest moments of Lincoln’s life, there was a change, a change that not only set Lincoln on a new course but the country as well. Discover what may have changed the course of history?



By popular demand, our 3 part book series dedicated to our national fathers is now available!  A trifecta of historical brilliance , these best-selling books by author Timothy Ballard capture the secret life that existed behind the scenes of America’s most influential leaders.  Discover the mysterious divinity that surrounded William Bradford, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, who all believed that America was a covenant land, one that would be protected by God as long as His ways were acknowledged and observed.
  • The Pilgrim Hypothesis: The Pilgrim Hypothesis, which explores the impact of Columbus and the early Pilgrims, unlocks historical clues as to who they believed they were and why they felt compelled to settle in America under a divinely inspired charter.
  • The Washington Hypothesis: The Washington Hypothesis uses historical sources to show how divine intervention helped Washington through the many near failures of the revolution and ultimately led to an unforeseen victory.
  • The Lincoln Hypothesis: The Lincoln Hypothesis follows the life of President Abraham Lincoln as he is weighed down by personal loss and deep despair during the civil war. Dealing with unsurmountable odds, discover how Lincoln gains the faith and inspiration needed to win the war and why his own writings describe the events of that time period as his own road to Damascus.

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