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christians pursecuted and trafficked


In 2014, ISIS had grown in size and was on the warpath, determined to take over the Middle East. Tragically, thousands of Christians in the region were being captured and enslaved or even slaughtered. Those that were able to flee were forced to abandon the homes in which their families had lived for generations. Within just a year, the Christian population had been decimated, declining from 3 million to just 300,000. 

When this atrocity was brought to the attention of Glenn Beck, he felt the need to take action. He called on his audience to help. One donation, from an army veteran named Joel, proved to be the spark that set off a fire of generosity. Joel’s jar of coins, totaling $37.32, was donated alongside a note that shared the sacrifices Joel had made to save all he could in an effort to make a difference. Glenn shared the story of Joel’s jar on the radio and sent out a clarion call to his listeners to match or even beat Joel’s donation. Joel had worried that his donation wouldn’t make a difference but it made all the difference. 

Thanks to the generosity of Joel and many others, The Nazarene Fund (TNF) was able to conduct its first operation to provide safety and homes for 147 Christian refugees, rescuing them from Iraq and transporting them to Slovakia.  As the need for safe havens for Christian refugees grew, TNF worked closely with Australian and Canadian authorities to establish resettlement communities for these casualties of intolerance. 

Facing great personal risk, TNF operatives rescued families on the run from ISIS. These people had lost fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers to murder or capture for sex trafficking, forced labor, or even organ harvesting. 

During this period, Tim paid very close attention to everything that was happening in the Middle East and lent his input when asked by his dear friend and confidant, Glenn Beck. Then, in 2017, it was Tim’s great honor to accept Glenn’s invitation to become the CEO of TNF. 

Although ISIS is not the power it once was, it continues to haunt the lives of Christians in the Middle East. However, ISIS is not the only enemy these people face. In 2019, as political unrest in Syria began to grow culminating in Turkey’s offensive into northeastern Syria, hundreds of Christian families were forced into exile. 

During each ISIS incursion, the symbol of the Nazarene, the nūn, was painted on the doors of Christian families as a representation of the demand for their conversion. If they refused, they would be taken as slaves or murdered.  TNF has taken this same symbol and transformed it from a symbol of fear and death to one of safety and life. It continues the vital mission to rescue and save those that have been captured by or are fleeing those who would seek to abuse, subjugate, and kill them. 

TNF has been named one of the most effective non-profits assisting people in the Middle East by the United Kingdom’s House of Lords. Tens of thousands of people have been saved and relocated and relief and humanitarian aid have been provided to over 50,000 refugees. Tim has shared that “All the credit goes to the teams there in the Middle East that are serving every day. The people that are risking so much to protect the lives of others.”
Head Quarters:
Over 50K given relief and aid
SEPTember, 2015

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