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In 2015, Tim Ballard reached out to law enforcement in Northern California with the goal of helping combat human trafficking and child exploitation. During this time, Tim met Jason Parker who was supervising an investigations unit for a local law enforcement agency. At first, Jason was reluctant to get involved as Tim explained what he could do to help. Tim sensed Jason’s skepticism and asked if Jason would be willing to let him prove his point. Jason agreed and what happened next forever changed his perspective on human trafficking and child exploitation and his goals in law enforcement. 

Tim placed an online ad in Jason’s community in which he offered children between the ages of 9 and 13 for sex. Within 20 minutes, there had been 65 hits on the ad. Jason was stunned to learn that his community was home to so many potential pedophiles. Previously, Jason had understood human sex-trafficking as a form of prostitution but his eyes were now open and Tim had his undivided attention. 

Tim and Jason began to develop strategies to fight these horrific crimes  in Jason’s local community. Tim brought in his team of experienced investigators and undercover personnel and began to train detectives in how to hunt child predators. 

Over the next few months, Tim’s coordinated stings resulted in the arrest and conviction of 40 child predators. Tim’s knowledge, experience, and devotion to service forever impacted this community and ultimately protected it from 40 criminals who preyed on children. His impact continues to be felt as the law enforcement officers he trained use his techniques to arrest more child predators and rescue more people from the horrors of human trafficking and child exploitation. Tim’s impact on Jason was significant. In 2019, Jason and several partners formed SALVO, LLC. The mission of SALVO is to save lives through effective training. SALVO provides training in various areas related to ensuring people’s safety. The core areas include human trafficking, child exploitation, active shooter, and sexual assault incidents and training is provided to schools, businesses, and government agencies. In terms of human trafficking and child exploitation, SALVO offers training in recognition and prevention and collaborating with local law enforcement to capture child predators and liberate trafficking victims. Active shooter training requires a coordinated approach with law enforcement and first responders required to find ways to save lives at every step as the situation unfolds. SALVO consults on the development of safety plans and provides the training schools and businesses need to handle these kinds of situations. Coordination between law enforcement and schools is key. Sexual assault is an ever-growing problem in schools and businesses and SALVO provides crucial training in recognizing and preventing assault as well as guidance on how law enforcement should handle any ensuing investigation. SALVO’s operators are comprised of law enforcement, firefighters, and veterans who have dedicated their lives to protecting others. Tim endorses SALVO’s experienced operators as they strive to eliminate these potentially devastating issues.

St. George, UT.
Human Trafficking
Sexual Assault Molestation
Active Shooter
Stop the Bleed
September, 2019

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